Procedures for a shareholder to propose a person for election as a director

The general meeting is the principal opportunity and ideal venue for shareholders to meet and exchange views on the Company’s business with the Directors and the management.

If a shareholder wishes to propose a person other than a retiring Director for election as a Director at an annual general meeting (AGM), the shareholder should deposit a written notice of nomination which shall be given to the Company Secretary at the Company’s head office (16th-18th Floors, First Commercial Building, 33 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong) within the 7-day period commencing the day after the despatch of the AGM notice (or such other period as may be determined and announced by the Directors from time to time).

Procedures for shareholders to put forward proposals at shareholders’ meetings

There are no provisions in the Company’s Articles of Association or the Companies Law of the Cayman Islands for shareholders to put forward new resolutions at general meetings. Shareholders who wish to put forward a new resolution may request the Company to convene a general meeting.